IPC. 60x750mg

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IPC. 120x750mg
June 7, 2013

IPC. 60x750mg

$35.00 USD

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Each bottle contains:
60 x 750 tablets.

Each tablet contains:
Bio Active Deer Velvet….500mg
Green Lipped Mussel…..230mg

Recommended Dosage:
Up to 20kg (45 lbs)……… 2 Tablets daily
21 to 36kg (46 to 80 lbs)…3 Tablets daily
37kg (80 lbs) and over……4 Tablets daily


Our goal is to provide a natural, effective and quality alternative to synthetic canine health supplements and give dog owners the choice. With Imperial Pet Co. deer velvet, your dog can get the same positive results as thousands of dogs have worldwide.

Take advantage of this 2,000 year old super supplement today.

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